Lastarria Hotels


They are generally acclimated with a theme or particular style. Usually smaller than conventional hotels with 3-30 rooms.


Many boutique hotels have dining facilities, bars and rooms open to the general.


The segment generates the main source of income of these hotels are business travelers, who place great importance on privacy, services, care and luxury.


They are very common in Las Vegas, where usually every hotel has a different decor.


Within this same category can perfectly fit hotels called small boutique hotels, hotels usually small, located in unique environments in buildings whose architecture is of particular interest because they are old buildings rehabilitated and adapted for this purpose.


Another definition of the term is, according to Germán Xhemo:


The boutique concept for the hotel industry originates mid-80s thanks to the fabulous creation of the American entrepreneur Ian Schrager.


El Morgans Hotel de Nueva York was itself the first boutique hotel, giving birth to a new form of accommodation which highlights the idea of making guests feel as if you were in your own home, surrounded by luxury and tasteful details.


They are unique hotels with personality, with design and unparalleled sophistication, where each element is intended for the comfort of their visitors.


The size of such hotels do not play a decisive role, while complying with the boutique concept can have from 4 to 100 rooms, depending mainly on the region where they are.


In the United States it is common to find those until just over 100 rooms, in Europe instead are characterized by having no more than 60. And speaking of Argentina, usually no more than 30 rooms, although most are under 15.


Boutique hotels generally are located on historic homes or buildings with great architectural value, which they were refurbished to provide the passenger all the amenities and services of the most exclusive hotels.


They offer a modern infrastructure and own decorative details of the XXI century. Another branch of the boutique hotels are so-called design hotels, which typically offer the latest technology available, plus a modern design.


The type of people that are staying in a boutique hotel are passengers who no longer wish to stay in conventional hotels four / five stars. They are looking for personalized and tailored service in a luxurious environment but with an atmosphere that makes them feel at home.


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