One afternoon in Santiago


Often it occurs that desire to get out of Santiago exist, but simply can not.


So we give some data entertaining places where you can go in the capital. Go to a museum, tour historic neighborhoods, and enjoy restaurants and pubs that combine the good with the economic.


The downtown of Santiago began some time ago to be the site of the new capital's bohemian, and is a good place to know at day.

The districts Yungay and Brazil are one of these.


The first is a sector where the main attractive are the old houses, the passages and the absence of noise that is unbelievable that is located a few blocks from the Alameda. Theaters, museums, cultural centers and a neighborhood life is what you see in this sector of Santiago.


A few blocks east is the neighborhood Brazil and all you can see here is around the square of the same name. Pubs, restaurants and live music venues that have nothing to envy to others in the capital.


Another place that blends a pleasant atmosphere with good places for lunch and to do something entertaining is the Lastarria neighborhood. Close to the underground Catholic University is currently one of the most visited.


Along with these historical districts, museums are also part of the circuit in Santiago, such as the Contemporary Arts, the National History, the Artequín, among others, but one that has gained adherents and followers is the Fashion Museum in Vitacura.


A place that has managed to get belongings such great artists, as a military jacket John Lennon or the suit he wore Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie Terminator.


Another permanent exhibition is at the Museum of Memory.


Located in the commune of Santiago. The place has a sample of what happened in the period of the military government. Photographs, audiovisual archives, letters, among other items, are to be found. Admission is free Monday through Sunday, from 10 to 18 hours.


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