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Answering the specific question of what a successful hotel website should have, and without naming truisms such as room photos and the like, we can name the following elements:


Quality photos and videos:


Man is a visual animal and, therefore, it is not a few times that he makes decisions only based on what he sees, this affirms us two opposite points of the same reality that may seem the same, but they are not. On the one hand, we are much more likely to be hired if we offer well-structured quality visual content.


And on the other, we are much more likely to immediately close our page if the images and videos we offer do not live up to your expectations.


Large, quality images are attractive and rank the website. Also, is important that all visual content that we use is consistent with the identity of our establishment and the image we want to give to the public.

Likewise it is important that the logo of our hotel or resort has a visible presence, so that the association of the brand (the logo) and the product (our establishment and its services) is carried out in an optimal and natural way.


Quality Content:


The texts that we develop on the website of our hotel should not only be attractive and informative for the reader, but should be used as a selling weapon, always seeking to promote the contracting of our services by the visitor, and in this way increase the conversion.


Booking engine:


If we want the website of the hotel to serve effectively as a sales piece, and a key element for future actions related to e-CRM and CRM, it is necessary that you can make reservations through it and make the process as simple possible.

Not having a booking engine on the web will not only make us lose money (That's why in Santiago Hotels Luciano K we have available and visible the reserve button on all pages of the site), but it will stain our image making us look like a company little serious and unprofessional.


Even the simplest booking engine can be the most powerful sales weapon.


Contact page:


The contact section should not only be visible and easy to access, but must provide absolutely all contact information. Placing just one form to fill through the web without offering the mail or telephone of the establishment is a conceptual error that is repeated much more than you can imagine.


Different languages:

In hostelry, offering a website only in Spanish is losing customers continuously.


We have to get our message to as many people as possible, so offering our site in different languages is always necessary.

Of course, if for reasons of budget cannot afford a great variety of languages, English always must be.


Now that we have already named some physical characteristics of the hotel website perfect, let's analyze others four factors that must be completed at the design level.




The website of our hotel should not only be attractive, but also intuitive, agile and must meet the needs of the user. The easier you put it to your visitor, the more likely you are to become a customer.




It is one of the great pillars of any hotel website of good standard

In the internet we compete against thousands of pages, and if we want to appear in the top positions of Google search results it is necessary to optimize our content according to the parameters established by the search engine par excellence. A good SEO optimization can turn your web page from absolute anonymity to extreme popularity.




One of the most important points today for any website of a hotel that wants to succeed. The percentage of people who seek information and contract services from their mobile is increasing, so having a page designed and optimized for this type of device is essential if we do not want to lose potential clients every day.


In short, our website should always look that the visitor be attracted, be informed and seek to close the recruitment from the same site. For this we must use all the tools that are within our reach, exploiting the characteristics we have referred to in this article.

Finally, there is something that we must always keep in mind from the moment we launch our website:


The measurement:


Tools like Google Analytics allow us to know all kinds of statistics regarding our website that will be vital to us both to know the performance of our page and to analyze changes to improve the efficiency and usability of the design, implementation of possible promotions, the efficiency of our booking engine or the super important conversion rate, among many other advantages offered by the web analysis.