Map red countries are less welcoming to foreigners, while blue represents the best welcome foreigners.


The Forum made people from 140 countries the following question: "How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?" According to the organization, the survey results are intended to help "measure the degree to which a country and society are open to tourism and foreign visitors."




According to information gathered, the three best countries that receive tourists are Iceland, New Zealand and Morocco. Other countries with good rankings are Ireland, Canada, Austria, Thailand and United Arab Emirates


On the other hand, less welcoming to foreign countries are Bolivia, Venezuela and Russia. But also they include Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China and even South Korea. As noted, there is a strong correlation between hostility towards foreigners and nationalism.

Perhaps this, rather than economic prosperity, is one of the key explanatory factors. This theory fits well in Latin America: Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela have governments with strong nationalistic tone, and the three are among the countries with the worst treatment of aliens.

However, this explanation is somewhat misplaced when it is noted that Denmark, a rich country, is much redder than its neighbors. Nor it realizes fully the variation in South Africa.


The 10 countries are best to foreigners:


1) Iceland

2) New Zealand

3) Morocco

4) Macedonia

5) Austria

6) Senegal

7) Portugal

8) Bosnia and Herzegovina

9) Ireland

10) Burkina Faso


Adapted by: Guido Yañez