This application has the premise of making the user feel like a local in any city in the world. For that, it provides personalized recommendations on restaurants, accommodations and what to see and do in each place. Gogobot can create itineraries, build categories and reorder the list of sites to visit.

When you register and enter the user's interests, the application begins to provide recommendations according to your personal tastes.

The huge community of Gogo Botters provides suggestions organized according to the type of traveler: adventurous night owls, luxury travelers, or on a low budget, among many others. Can leverage the experience of other experienced users, connect to people who have similar interests and follow the highlights.

It also displays the weather forecast for the following 5 days of the city where the user is or travel destination and allows you to send images as postcards with the adventures lived. For Android y Apple Iphone/Ipad.




It is one of the leading online applications market tourism experiences. In its interface they are and can be booked over 9000 tours and activities in over 150 countries.

Its strength lies in the wide range of rides that presents organized in different types of tours: "Skip the line" that allows book a tour in small groups and avoid waiting at the big attractions, private tours, and unusual experiences that possibly the traveler He did not know, as a workshop for making perfumes in Paris.

The tours are organized by category, such as shows and concerts, tickets, tours and day trips, family, on foot or by bicycle, among others. Each itinerary has a detailed description, prices, dates, duration and opinions of those who made the same walk. For: Android y Apple Iphone/Ipad.




The Spanish application, purchased by the renowned tourist guide Lonely Planet is one of the most useful when planning a trip: provides recommendations for nearby places according to where the traveler is has a wishlist in which can collect travel ideas recommended by other users and allows you to save text, photos and maps of 10,000 locations and 300,000 places to access them offline so (once downloaded the guide).

It has more than 800,000 users leaving daily basis reviews, and suggestions for each place visited. The platform is integrated with Yelp and FourSquare information.



This travel application, very complete, offers maps of the major cities, summary record of each destination and itineraries, in offline mode, of all countries of the world.

It also has a currency converter, with the weather forecast, presents the gastronomic specialties and a book of useful phrases translated into the language of the country you are visiting.

It also includes restaurant guides, tips bars, nightlife and allows booking hotels, tickets and tours.Triposo considers the location, time and climate where the traveler is to make recommendations.

It has 25,000 destinations and a community of 6 million travelers. For: Android y Apple Iphone/Ipad.




It is perhaps the best known applications to find information on hotels, flights, restaurants and tourist attractions around the world.

Its strength lies in the more than 75 million reviews and opinions that, along with the photos up, allow to know the actual details of each site before you go or make a reservation.

You can access reviews, maps and pictures for more than 300 cities offline. And, when connected, the option "Near Me" shows hotels, restaurants and attractions located around the traveler.




The purpose of this application is to help the user find restaurants, bars, pubs and shops in countless cities, adapting to the selections and scores made earlier by himself and his friends.De este modo, se adapta a sus gustos y recomienda alternativas similares.

When operating with the geolocation of the user, this tool is very useful to know which places are close and get feedback from the community.

It also allows to make very specific searches, such as a dish at a particular restaurant, or general, for example, to find the best bars with terrace.

When you reach a site, Foursquare proposes to enter the application and perform check in as if it were a privileged hotel- for tips and moving up levels of expertise. For Apple Ipad / Iphone, Android, Windows.


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